Countdown to Rio 2016: The Make Over Has Started - plus55


The city of Rio de Janeiro has started proceedings make itself look better in the eyes of the international community
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Less than one month away from the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the city of Rio de Janeiro has begun beautifying works across the city center. This make-over initiative will cost roughly $230,000 in banners, flags, and posters reminding people that Rio is an Olympic city. One of the chosen places for the upgrade is the road connecting the city center to the international airport – in which violent robberies occur with an unpleasant frequency.

Rio’s Secretary of Tourism denies that the 3-meter-high banners and posters (10 feet high) were installed to hide the favelas that happen to line both sides of the road. “It is just to put the city in an Olympic atmosphere,” says Antonio Pedro. Ah, of course it is.

Formiga, a record-breaking football player

At 38 years old, female midfielder Formiga will play in her sixth consecutive Olympics, and is on the way to break two records: she will become the Brazilian woman holding the highest number of Olympic appearances, and is the only player to have been present at every edition in which Women’s Football is played.

Another Top Athlete Won’t Come to Rio

Between injuries, a lack of interest, and fears of a Zika infection, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be deprived of some top-notch athletes. The latest dropout is the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador, a two-time winner of the Tour de France. The 33-year-old is recovering from the shoulder injury he suffered last week. The estimated recovery time is at least four weeks, long enough to keep him from participating in the Olympics. “Now my goal is to recover for the Tour of Spain, which I think is possible. What I need now is to rest and recover,” said a disappointed Contador.